I have been playing Handpan for 5 years.
and have played hand drums and percussion for about 25 years.
I am a handpan player available for recording, improvising, performing at public and private events.
I also am a vocalist and often vocalize with the handpan, this creates a wonderful relaxing musical mood for events

I am also a Handpan teacher and offer Handpan lessons out of my home in the Portland Oregon area to aspiring beginner and intermediate Handpan, Hangdrum, and Rav drum players. 
My lessons are $40 per hour. 
A student does NOT need their own instrument to take lessons as you can use one of mine. 


Viola is the perfect handpan teacher for my 11 year old son. He's learned a lot from her about this unique instrument as she relates well while sharing her knowledge and technique. So glad we found Viola!