I have been playing handpan since 2013.
and have played hand drums and percussion for about 30 years.
I am available for recording, improvising, performing at public and private events.
I also am a vocalist and often vocalize with the handpan, this creates a wonderful relaxing musical mood for events.

I am also a handpan teacher and offer handpan lessons out of my home near Sedona, and also ONLINE via Zoom, to aspiring beginner and intermediate handpan, hangdrum, and Rav drum players. 
My lessons are $60 per hour. 
Purchase 6 lessons in advance and get the 7th lesson for free. 

For in person lessons, a  student does NOT need their own instrument for lessons as you can use one of mine.  for online lessons a student must have their own instrument. 
email me at ViolaRose7@gmail.com


I've taken lessons with Viola for the past year, she is an amazing teacher!  I felt a connection to the handpan the first time I heard it but had no playing experience.  I found Viola and after about two lessons I knew I should get an instrument myself, with Viola to guide me in my handpan journey.  Learning the approach, structure, and fundamentals I'm developing rhythms and melodies that are giving me my own expression! I get more and more inspired with every single lesson.  Also, her playing is incredible beyond words, It's an honor to be able to jam out during lessons too!

My first hand pan lesson with Viola Rose was so lovely!! It felt great to be able to feel the handpan resonate under my own hands, and so fulfilling to finally do something that has been a vision for years. Viola is so willing to introduce others to this gorgeous instrument and her open, encouraging and patient approach to teaching is wonderful. It doesn't hurt that it's also a very "intuitive" and forgiving instrument that sounds amazing as soon as you touch it.  - Suzanne T.

By Douglas Cottel on 1/17/2020
Viola Rose is a serious, competent, compassionate teacher and a lovely woman.
By Alireza Z. on 7/22/2019
I have had few lessons for handpan with her and my experience has been amazing. She has a good knowledge of the instrument. I would recommend her to others.
By Elizabeth Wilcox on 3/21/2019
Viola Rose is a wonderful teacher. She has a lot of knowledge about hand pan drumming .
By Lori on 1/24/2019
Viola is a wonderful instructor. She has a very calm and soothing presence even miles away. I am a beginner and I find her to be very patient. She clearly is talented both in terms of playing the instrument as well as in the art of instruction. I highly recommend her!

By Kevin on 6/25/2017
Viola is the perfect handpan teacher for my 11 year old son. He's learned a lot from her about this unique instrument as she relates well while sharing her knowledge and technique. So glad we found Viola!