ZenCleanz -deeply detoxing plant fermentations that have been developed by Buddhist Monks over thousands of years and are designed for health maintenance and healing

I want to talk about my experience with ZenCleanz. I am blown away by the gentle grace and ease and yet effectiveness of it!!
In this 15 minute video I tell about my existing health challenges and why I tried it, and what my results were, with gross pictures too! 
I am happy to chat more about it, just message me.
I have become an affiliate because I love this revolution in cleansing and am totally aligned with the companies ethics and mission.

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The ONE kit is the one day intestinal cleanse.
The FORGIVE kit is the one day liver and gallbladder cleanse.
The RAINBOW kit is the one week long kit that contains both the ONE and FORGIVE kit, plus a bunch of enzymes to extend the kit to a whole week. 
More info on each kit  below the video.

ZenCleanz ONE (Intestinal Cleanse)

This  1-day colon & intestinal cleanse addresses the whole length of the digestive tract. It is made of a wide selection of enzymes to complete the digestion of all undigested material that stuck to your intestinal wall and many types of vegan fibers to sweep it all out!

Made by all-natural organic vegetables and fruits, this enzyme cleanse product is specially designed for small intestine decluttering and colon cleansing. The product can clear the toxins from the intestinal wall, remove the waste and reactivate its movement.

Get ZenCleanz ONE here

ZenCleanz FORGIVE (Liver &Gallbladder)

This 1-day liver cleanse focuses solely on the liver and gallbladder. The liver is a filter responsible for eliminating anything from within the body that doesn’t belong there.

Everything that reaches the bloodstream from the nutrients that pass through the small intestine lining, the air we breathe and everything that comes in touch with our skin passes through the liver, so t is imperative to cleanse it regularly.

Get ZenCleanz FORGIVE here

ZenCleanz 7 day RAINBOW KIT

 THE CATALYST that includes both kits above plus more!

The RAINBOW 7-Day Home Detox is designed to address the whole Gastro-Intestinal Tract, the Liver/Gallbladder and the blood. It will support you in your bi-annual cleansing periods or to kick-start a deep detox process if you haven’t before and feel a need to. It is a catalyst and a real step toward the healing of chronic issues! Its is also a great way to test many of the  ZenCleanz Enzyme products in one box and see the specific power of each one of them. Within a week with the RAINBOW you will look back and just won’t believe all the transformation that has been done. It will take you to a new physical and emotional space in only 7 days.

Get Rainbow Cleanz here

 Click here for a super informative brochure about the power of enzymes.

Here is a very short video with the owner of ZenCleanz showing the fermenting room where the enzymes are fermented for 3 years and have Buddhist mantras playing to them the whole time!!! AMAZING!

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(lots of amazing and inspiring testimonials)

Here is the ZenCleanz website with my referral link:
and use "VIOLAROSE" to get 5% of all  orders