A collection of different videos I have done over the years about consciousness and some silly stuff too!

Here I was interviewed in 2021 about my role as a School Of Remembering teacher, and talking about other interesting metaphysical topics.

Here is a recording of a "cosmic chit-chat" session with my galactic buddy Nadi Hana that we recorded last summer when we were both still living in the city and processing some of the heavier stuff in the potential timelines at play in our world.  Just 2 galactic lightworker starseeds chatting about what's going down on 3D earth, trying to make sense and stay on point with the big picture. Part inspirational pep talk, part therapeutic check in between 2 galactic buddies. we talk about things like being a starseed volunteer, a possible galactic 'event", how to raise your vibration and stay healthy to be invincible by vibrating higher than what is being thrown our way via spike proteins, or dark agendas, prophesy and all things galactic! join us for the chat! 

I enjoyed participating in Alan Steinfeld's "New Realities" roundtable show, we talked about ascension, Drunvalo, and what might be going on with the sun.

Here is a recording of a 2 hour introductory class I offered online about the Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop. 
This class is an opportunity to discuss and experience the connections between the Flower of Life, the power of your heart, and the Source of all. Learn directly about Drunvalo Melchizedek's new information, the heart based Merkaba, and participate in an experiential meditation journey to connect with your higher self. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition, your inner spirit, your Higher Self, and open your Heart in a profound way. Our ancestors and elders remembered how to do this, and understood the importance of returning to our hearts and finding the peace, wisdom and knowledge residing here.

Don't have 2 hours to spare? Here is a shorter intro (under an hour) that I did as well!


Nadi Hana & Viola Rose - Full Session Exo Hangout - Solar Flashes, Heart & Drunvalo Melchizedek

"In this session we hung out with Nadi Hana and Viola Rose and talked about Solar Flashes, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Staying in your heart, Schumann Resonance, Index of Mass Human Excitability, Coronal Mass Ejections, Sun Spots, hypnoses, dreams and meditation."

I had a grand time being interviewed by David Knox on The 
Evolutionary Podacast

Part 1: Spiritual Preppers and Planetary Ascension

Part 2: Drunvalo and The Ascension Process

here is a video from 2013 where I was interviewed by Kim Thompson about living in the heart. 22 min.

2 minutes on "what is the higher self?"

3 minutes on "breathing prana"

its the "Calypso the cosmic chick" series!
my not-so-altar ego cosmic field reporter is on the scene as part of "The Dream Stream" variety show in 2020. they are all under 2 minutes each:
episode 1:

episode 2:

episode 3: