ATIH workshop Testimonials

Here are over 100 testimonials from those who have taken the Awakening the Illuminated heart workshop with Viola Rose:

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One of the absolute highlights of my life:) 
Thank you so much Viola for doing what you do! 

Thank you so much.This was a life-changing experience for me, in ways I'm learning more about each day. -K.

Viola – thank you for your wonderful training, facilitation & coaching!  You were AWESOME!!  It was just the right balance of information & experiential exercises.  Your knowledge & skills in the LIGHT & LOVE arts is amazing-Greg.
thank you. You are an excellent teacher. I’ve had the most profound experiences after the workshop and so much appreciation for this information. -S.C.

Hi Viola, I admire your talents as a teacher of Drunvalo's work. You carry forth the spirit that he is. What an inspiration you are to me. -  L.P. 
Thank you, Viola, for the beautiful space you held for our discoveries. I feel truly transformed and look forward to share the fruits of this with my clients. Will likely send some of them your way. - T.L.
Thanks for your class. I learned many things to grow with. I was especially impressed by your abilities! You are an excellent teacher. So grounded. You met everyone where they were with a grace and compassion rarely seen.    -Sean
Dearest, Sweet Viola,
I want to thank you for the time, energy and knowledge you gifted us with at the workshop the first part of this month.  It was indeed priceless.  I am so glad I was inspired to attend! Your sharing and teaching led me to Me and helped me significantly in realizing what is going on inside me.  You truly helped me remember. Those 4 days and all the people there will forever be imprinted in my heart.
I can truly own what is going on inside trust, accept, organize, understand and consciously integrate the knowledge you gave us and the goings on in my inner world.  So much of what you said felt familiar to me, but I was interpreting it in another way and not yet recognizing it for what it was.  It took me 3 days after the workshop to integrate that knowledge and make it mine so that I now know where it all fits and how to connect the dots.  I realized  that I have had my Merkaba since at least late 2020 or early 2021.  Now I know what it is, how to integrate it with my heart and pineal chakra and how to call it to me consciously.  I now know what to do with and how to maintain my Merkaba in a creative, spiritually responsible way. I now have visuals for the sacred space and tiny space in my heart.  My beams are balanced and I am aware of them now, not just feel the energy. I have had all the pieces, but did now know how to put them together and use them with wisdom. Your workshop was the missing piece to make it all coherent within me. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you! With love, respect and deep gratitude - Lesa Nelson

I have found Ms. Rose's work as a teacher to be exemplary in every aspect once again. Her style has a resolute firmness that sets a wonderfully clear tone in the class environment. Her energy is also quite loving and gentle, even when she has to redirect, or, especially when she has to redirect. 
All manner of wonderful things have been happening for me ever since I took her first class several months ago. This last refresher course is a point in case... as the knowledge and application process she provided was also the scene of a major transformation process for me.
I will highly recommend her Teaching and, of course, the rive-tingly useful instruction content she delivers, to anyone that shall wish to improve their evolutionary course. How much more could I say?
Thank you..  Dr John R. Engbeck 

 Viola Rose is the real deal. I recently attended her "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" workshop in Ashland, OR, and she is a natural teacher. Viola was kind and patient. She answered ALL of our questions, and she knew her material inside and out.
 Viola is a pro, and completely dedicated to her work of service. All I can say is, "THANKS Viola!!!"
- Marty. Dixon, So. Oregon

Viola is a wonderful, loving soul and a teacher who is truly concerned that each of her students receive the greatest expression of their inner Being that they can. She is a radiant example of using practical spirituality to grow and to expand the facets of the One in Great Service. - Lloyd Leiderman 

The ATIH workshop was one of the most spiritually challenging, uplifting, and elevating experiences I have ever had the fortune to share with a group of human beings. Viola is a caring, practiced, and gifted guide - offering her expertise while allowing space for each individual to have their own unique unfolding into this enigmatic work. If you have received the call to explore the realm of galactic superhero there is no better place for you to be than at one of Viola's ATIH workshops. love and light. Elizabeth.

Dear Viola,

Thank you so much for carrying us through this process and teaching us so much about ourselves.

I really appreciate you sharing your journey with us and being able to be apart of it through this workshop and your newsletter.

Thank you so much for all that you give to the world through your life teachings.

Sincerely, Maureen


Viola, you are a beautiful soul and an amazing teacher,. Thank you for making this workshop experience available, so light and so life changing at the same time!! Kate.

Receiving the Awakening the Illuminated Heart transmission from Viola was a life-changing experience, and I say that with no hyperbole. Her profound love of the subject and humanity comes through in the compassionate, empowering way that she shares this work. Viola blends useful information to help our brains wrap themselves around this seemingly miraculous technology with a subtle, profound understanding of working in multiple dimensions and frequencies.
ATIH is technology for the new era, presenting a comprehensible, grounded, and practical way to connect with the heart resonance, enter the quantum field, activate the light body and experience a heart-centered way of manifesting. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a practicable way of accessing higher states of consciousness.  ~ Niema Lightseed, Yoga teacher and mythic poet.
Dear Viola, After your ATIH workshop in Nov of 2023 I have felt this great intensity- that has shifted into a feeling of more stability. I am enjoying a calmer  "less nervous" feeling. I am very grateful for my journey and learning this awakening with you. Thank you for your service to humanity and for helping so many people like me learn to awaken during these exciting times. with appreciation and love - M.R.
Thank you Viola for the luminous workshop filled with heart centered wisdom and love. And thank you all for your sweet presence and support. I am very grateful to have learned so much of Drunvalo's amazing teaching in just 4 days through Viola’s tireless energy and superb transmission. - Chi
I want to express my gratitude for your training and support. Your guidance has been invaluable to me. - Urangua
Thank you so, so much, Viola. What an amazing experience! One thing I've noticed: the colors of everything have brightened, especially all the greens of nature. Thank you, again.
Gratefully, E.
Just finished an enlightening 4 day workshop with Viola Rose and I am "full to the brim" with Peace, Joy, Love and Gratitude for Viola's expertise. - M.T.

Thank you for such a beautiful, heart opening, transformative workshop. It has rocked my world!
In deep gratitude, My experience at the ATIH workshop has been life changing. The workshop itself is a masterpiece, combing just the right amount of knowledge, wisdom and experiential practice of the techniques needed to raise awareness to higher levels of consciousness. Viola Rose was the perfect teacher to present this information. Viola's loving presence, along with her amazing knowledge of the content of the workshop as well as her passion for teaching and learning, made for an outstanding experience. This is by far the most amazing workshop I have had the honor of attending. I would highly recommend this workshop and I can not wait to experience it again! Thank you Viola Rose! - Fiona xo

Viola , Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop!
I know people go to Drunvalo's workshops for the honor and experience of learning from him. You have actually done a better job at conveying the technique and reasons better than he because you stay focused. Your personal experiences getting to the tiny space of your heart were particularly valuable to me.
Such a wonderful example of how to live from the heart you give. With appreciation, Randy Hold.

This has been the pivotal meditation practice that has catapulted my inner healing in a heart based practice. If you are looking for expanding your knowledge and understanding of this world. Viola Rose 🌹 is a beautiful guide to learn under and has become one of my spiritual wisdom holders that guides continually. - Bryan
Drunvalo's ATIH workshop is a masterpiece and Viola Rose is the perfect conductor.  With harmonious grace, Viola created and held sacred space for the alchemical experience. Viola is a gifted teacher, I appreciated her honesty, enthusiasm and playfulness and enjoyed every part of the transformative process.  It is difficult to put into words how the workshop effected me, but it's a feeling of not going back, loving forward, with an installed vibration, and new understanding of truth. Truth revealing heart opening WOW!! I am overflowing with Love and Happiness now that I am in-tuned! I will be forever grateful I made to commitment to the workshop and encourage others to feel the call. - Katie Phillips 

This was a deeply profound experience for me. Definitely one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Viola is an amazing teacher. She guided us through the process with love and grace. I am in awe of everything I learned and truly grateful for the precious gifts of Awakening the Illumined Heart. My heart is filled with love and gratitude. Thank you! - Leslie West

Out of all of My searching and researching this was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. Thank You Viola for facilitating the workshop, and Thank You Drunvalo for your life`s work that made this workshop available. With love from my now illuminated heart, Larry B. 

This ATIH workshop with Viola Rose delivered all that it promised and more. Viola especially honored the work by her devotion in presenting and offering the teachings sincerely according to the unfolding of it as Drunvalo had offered her over the years. Viola held the space for me and the rest of the group to grasp and experience this most sacred work to our fullest extent in the 4 days, making us all feel welcome, heard, seen and moved. My personal experience was life-changing, giving me access to my own divinely-given inner resources and tools, geometries and spaces, in a way I had not fully engaged with before. I recognize the immense importance and total practicality of doing so and am awesomely grateful to Drunvalo, Viola, and the Divine for all that is offered to us in this way. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to come to an Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop...especially with Viola....her kindness, clarity, devotion and empowered presence is rich and highly engaging! - kathryn sweas
I found the workshop and information to be truly inspirational and life changing, thanks to the amazing Viola Rose who held that space for us. Viola was eloquent and masterful in her delineation of the subject matter. For me she was able to turn abstract subjects into tangible, real, and meaningful parts of my life that I can grow into and develop. I feel my life is better in real noticeable ways thanks to this workshop and Viola. Thank you for the gift you have given us all.  - C. E. 

I would like to thank you for helping me to dig deep within and assist me in finding, identifying and healing a sore spot within and accepting the emotional turbulence needed to process the information. I also would like to acknowledge your ability to switch gears dependent upon the emotional needs of the students who certainly are going to experience individual emotional responses to the experience. - David Thompson

Viola fostered my interest and sense of belonging as a valued participant in the workshop. Her descriptions and explanations, coupled with her own personal energies towards experience and knowledge of the course subject were always met with my ease of understanding, but further, she exuded a spirit of truth, wisdom, dignity, and exceptional personal integrity in both her character, and her behaviors during the workshop. It is my estimation, as both, a healer, seeker of truth and wisdom, as well, as a mindful citizen of the universe, that Viola Rose, and the ATIH workshop, we are to be guided along our myriad paths toward unity, and empowerment,. Take care to see your way to this fantastic journey, as you shall find it worthy to share with with all, whom you have, and shall ever know.  James Mark Rubino

Viola Rose is the most amazing teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I would recommend her workshop to anyone who would be interested; in fact I have already made recommendation to some who are aware and interested in their life's destiny. - Alan Falconer

I had an wonderful experience, Viola is so knowledgeable and amazing at teaching all there is to learn within the time provided. It was fun getting to know everyone, especially myself in a new way that is very life changing. Thank you so much Viola you are wonderful! - Jessica Nolte

Viola is an amazing teacher. She is very articulate and capable of answering whatever questions that came up. She holds the space with clear intention, non judgement and grace. This workshop is THE most important work we can be doing for ourselves, our fellow humans and Mother Earth. I feel so blessed to have been guided to become a participant. I'm deeply grateful for Drunvalo, his knowledge and his joyful willingness to help us expand and grow as we, in turn, connect to the All and remember our True Selves. What a beautiful journey. - Vicki Lynn

Viola Rose is a really wonderful teacher/facilitator. She was present, heartfull, clear, fun, humorous, organized and on track, inspired and inspiring, committed to see that each of us received what we needed to do the processes. I was very pleased with what was offered within the course, I left feeling full. Like everything we want to become good at, we need to practice. = W. Peter Clark

Viola Rose is an amazing Instructor and I learned more in that week than any other week of my life. - patrick kenney
Of the MANY trainings I have attended, this is an extremely rare workshop that went to a breadth and depth of experience, clarity and value beyond my wildest imagination. If you are considering attending, I highly recommend Viola as a fabulously clear, caring and thorough facilitator. She is a gem and a goddess of love + light who will help you see that you are ONE too! - Maureen Freehill

"You may have asked the same timeless questions like 'what does it
all mean and how do I connect to more of the answers, my truth, my higher
self.' I am so honored to have had Viola guide me to the place of all
truth...our hearts. Through her support and specifically the ATIH
workshop, I have been able to be in alignment with who I am at a deeper
level, my purpose, my ever you reference - That I Am. If your
heart calls to be opened further you can trust Viola to hold the space and
means to do so." ~ Ted Miller III

The Awakening of the Illuminated Heart workshop is one of the most important and challenging experiences I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been attending holistic, healing workshops for over twenty years. The Drunvalo material requires trust, confidence, knowledge (not to mention an open, loving heart) and just the right amount of guidance from a teacher/facilitator like Viola. The result—unbelievable joy, (dare I say…) redemption, and permanent, positive change to one’s life! And you know what’s amazing, Viola made it look and feel easy.
Viola’s style is relaxed, kind and loving. Don’t get me wrong, she will not spoon feed or baby you — she’ll open the door of knowledge but you have to choose to step in. It’s very easy for the attendees to meander and lose focus. Viola’s easy demeanor, yet heavy focus on the material at hand, is a good balance when addressing such an experiential and abstract course.
She maintained a nurturing, supportive feeling of being in a very conscious-loving-community. She brought snacks and food, and encouraged us to potluck and as much as possible, hang out during break and lunch periods. With her guidance, in a matter of days (seemed like just hours), ten strangers became close human beings with open hearts, where the separation of our bodies mlended (melt & blend) into one. Thank you, Drunvalo… and thank you Viola!
- Rafael Ungson

This workshop was an incredible and life changing experience! Thank you so much for the beautiful wisdom! - Mallory Pickrell
This workshop was life changing in so many of the most beautiful experiences in this lifetime!!! Thank you, Viola!!! And everyone else!!! - Ramona Webb
Attending the ATIH was a magnificent experience. The workshop was far better than I even imagined; the information was unique and inspiring; and, Viola Rose knew the content, communicated with clarity, made our days interesting and fun, and guided us to an incredibly amazing result - WOW! Don't wait to do this, now is the time! Elizabeth Lawry Kristie
Viola (our ATIH teacher) was very comfortable with the material she covered. She did a very thorough and professional job. She came from her heart and it was a moving and heartfelt class. Thank you Viola and Drunvalo. - michele tafuri
Viola led a lovely workshop. It was a fantastic experience for me, and one that is helping me make improvements in my daily life.-  Sean Mandelbaum
This was a life changing event, one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. - Betty Franklin
The experience and group energy was wonderful. Viola was confident and clear in her instructions. Grateful for the knowledge and will continue to practice. - sheila steele
I appreciated our instructor, Viola, calling in the light and assistance from the Angels and the four corners of the earth. Our venue was beautiful and the days flew by. We had so much information to take in and Viola did a great job of explaining the steps and the process. I look forward to communing with my high selves in this sacred, sacred space. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Blessings, Katherine Shariq
The class was outstanding. I was able to go into the tiny space of my heart and activate my MerKaBa. Viola was a great instructor. I highly recommend this class. – Elaine Freeman
Knowledgable,well run class, powerful experience with instruction very clear. - Zdenka Sharp
Viola is an outstanding teacher and I still am in contact with some of the graduates of my class. I am planning on retaking this class in the future.  – Suzanne Garrison
From the opening ceremony to the last day of the workshop our space seemed to be lit up with love and excitement, for this work is truly one of remembering. I feel extremely blessed to have had a teacher who could hold the atmosphere, get us all the information we needed, and of course embodied living from your heart. With love and light, Jordan V.
this was great time, it was better then i had anticipated. the merkaba is far greater then I ever expected. what a feeling. thank you with all my love - michael beeler
Truth revealing, heart opening WOW! The workshop with Viola Rose was pure joy, vibrating and building in love, culminating in a rich yet free feeling to walk in love with each step forward. I left behind polarity consciousness. The workshop experience made the connection of the heart's intelligence very clear to me. I am over flowing with love and happiness now that I feel in-tuned! I will be forever grateful for this pivotal experience that allows me to go to the deeper I was craving but missing, thinking it was all in the mind. – K.P.
Participating in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart retreat realigned my spirit and soul with my physical life and body. The information in this workshop was the cap stone in my evolution that allowed all my studies and life experience to coalesce harmoniously in divine perfection. The essence of spiritualizing matter. I feel aligned with a whole new system of natural laws governing my functioning. I am incredibly grateful to continue to receive the anchoring of this new set of governing principals and deep foundational restructuring. Thank You. – A.G.
Viola was a wonderful and giving teacher! I would highly recommend her to anyone. The healing portion of the class was unexpected and profound. Love. - Leah Pratt
The workshop with Viola Rose was my first real foray into anything of this nature, so the impact has slowly infolded for me over the last several months. I have sought other teachings - Tom Kenyon, Thomas Hubl, etc. - and while I have thoroughly embraced them, I keep coming back to the work of Drunvalo. It speaks to my heart, so to speak! So, I'm back here, to retrieve my certificate and to continue my journey. Many thanks and blessings for all that you do! - Kimberli Thompson

 I took this workshop about a week ago... and it is amazing, and real, and authentic, and Viola Rose is a magnificent teacher.
I'm experiencing a major shift in my life and in my attitude toward life.
The most significant step into Unity and Oneness.  - Jo
Hi Viola....Thank you so much.... we are all grateful for the influx of information and energy.  You were a clear channel and delightful personality. - Sheila

The most amazing workshop in my life. We all achieved a closeness in our Hearts that I have never experienced before. My gratitude and blessing to All, especially Viola for presenting such a dynamic workshop. Richard Ackley
Infinite gratitude to Viola rose for passing along Drunvalo's teachings in this "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" workshop. The knowledge, experience and benefit I received from this workshop is too vast to put into words. I've done just about every technique of meditation over the past 14 years including a 10 day Vipassana meditation. All have been helpful for my Spiritual advancement but the Merkabah Activation and meditation I learned in this workshop took me directly to Source in the deepest way possible. In addition I gained a deeper understanding of Sacred Geometry and other topics which can be backed up scientifically. A must for anyone seeking to find deeper meaning in their life and wanting to transcend to higher dimensions of LOVE. One Heart, ONE LOVE!!! ♥
Bibi McGill - Lead Guitarist and musical director for Beyonce,  Yoga instructor, and  CEO and Creator of Bibi Kale chips
Viola is the best teacher ever! Ok Jesus and then Viola. - Jason Ross
I had the honor of attending The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop in Seattle. I was very excited about the opportunity having read all the Drunvalo material over the past twenty years or so and taken the Earth/Sky Heart workshop with Drunvalo in Asheville, N.C. a number of years ago. My experience in Seattle with Viola and nine other wonderful beings was life changing. I am still vibrating in the love energy and have no doubt that this will continue and grow each day. Viola is a natural teacher and wise beyond her years. She listens in a loving way, is excited about the information she is sharing, and was able to keep the group focused during the very full four days we shared together. We all arrived as strangers (except for my wife & myself) and parted as a reunited family.If you are considering attending an Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop, you couldn't find a better teacher than Viola. And if you are lucky she may even sing for you before the meditations- a real treat! Larry Paluzzi Orcas Island, Wa.
Awakening of the Illuminated Heart in Ashland with Viola went beyond all expectations. During four days of a beautiful and profound journey together we became a family. Being so devoted to bringing Drunvalo teaching to the world, Viola led us in a strong, loving and gentle way. We were all supported by her love going deeper in remembering our true nature. Revealing long forgotten truths that only heart knows, we managed to connect so deeply with each other. Finding our dears souls and reconnecting again. So much Gratitude to Viola and all dear ones. One more beautiful event happened on this planet Earth, let it go on and expand. So be it .Mariam Shindauletova -Russia

I’ve taken Viola’s four day meditation immersion workshop and it’s amazing. I highly recommend this Workshop! - 
Daniel Flynn

Having a course with Viola Rose felt like being a child in the classroom of the Magic School Bus. We'd get blasted off into different dimensions and body parts, returning yet again to the room and the very sweet teacher. Every time we would explore something new, I would come back and feel the integration happening within. Changes were subtle yet very distinguishable. The tools I gained from the course have stayed with me for some time and the teachings will be with me always. I highly recommend this course to others with an intuitive understanding of the singular totality we all are.  

Also: The beams of light have continued to benefit my mind awareness. Something I had to do was connect the first three, and then when I added in the fourth, I had to PULL it back because it was actually too far forward. And I wear glasses so that might be related. But pulling it all the way back to the pineal gland helps the line emit towards the pituitary and I can perceive in a healthier way. Just thought I'd share!

I really enjoyed the workshop, and everything about it! Viola is a wonderful teacher, filled with Heart, Love and Light! I wish I lived closer to Viola so I could go to her refresher days! I have been watching the Earth Sky Heart workshop series, and it has been a good refresher, since I could not do it live again! Thanks for the teachings. I am grateful, and have been telling everyone to go to the workshops! Barbara Gantt
Dear Viola,  A very special "mahalo"  for being the beautiful vessel that you are. It was a very special workshop for me. I do not usually do workshops. I am grateful for Drunvalo's teachings. It was like a mystery school, right here in Portland and we did it in 4 days! Hard to believe, but these are special times.  M.T.

Hello, Viola Rose is great instructor, she created a perfect atmosphere allowing us to dove into ATIH process. Her passion, knowledge and encouragement for sharing ATIH techniques was amazing. We highly recommend her. Thank you Josef & Jane Dockal
What an amazing workshop we all chose to participate in & co-create - together!  What an honor to interconnect so authentically/intimately on a Spirit level.   I’m blown away with JOY & DELIGHT!  Already, I’m sharing about it with family & fellow “beacons of Love & Light”.  Thank you, Viola, for your Love-filled orchestration, a weaving of such depth & beauty that allows one to Awaken the Illuminated Heart & to create FROM that space.  Deepest gratitude to Drunvalo for his newest orchestration, this true Masterpiece.  My Heart is open & in GRATITUDE beyond, beyond - as I continue with the practices you offered during these 4 amazing days.  I’ve had some great, leading-edge, spiritual, heart-centered trainings over quite a few years, & can truly say, in many ways this workshop tops them all! Jerilee Camille Newby, Ashland, OR
Dear Viola I am so fortunate to have attended Awakening the Illuminated Heart with you. I have been on the path for most of my life. Your class has elevated me to a whole new level of healing, alignment, awakening and perhaps enlightenment. We came together in Sacred Space with just knowing our names and within two days we remembered who we are and became a divine family. I will never let go of the love I felt in the group and the space that was created for me to heal and activate my light body. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I hope many people will be drawn to your workshop and you, who is a most precious child of God who demonstrates true unconditional love and acceptance. Bless Your Heart! Jewels ( aka Jaya Sarada ) 
The "Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop" was the most wonderful workshop I have ever attended! Never in my life have I experienced so much unconditional love. I am convinced that right there in Viola's living room we created Heaven on Earth. We were surrounded by love and light.  Words can't describe this experience well enough. What I can say is that I was able to open my heart, to experience oneness, to raise my vibration to a very high  level, go through a powerful healing, and learn the tools necessary for ascension. I also want to acknowledge each student's contribution to this workshop and Viola's teaching talent and hospitality. I am grateful and thank you for everything! With love,Monica Costan (Reiki Practitioner)
Thank you Viola and all of you!!The workshop was a transformational experience beyond anything else I have encountered since the Flower of Life workshop I took around 1995. This is a testament to how powerful and profound these teachings are to my spiritual awareness and growth. I am deeply honored to have had the opportunity to learn from you and all the other students who attended your workshop. As an experienced educator for over 30 years, I was moved by your passion for sharing your life experience both before and after you were called to do this work. You are a gifted teacher and I am sure everyone taking your class will forever be transformed. Thank you Viola!! Hugs and kisses to all my brothers and sisters. I love you all!! Garey Williams  Drumset Performing Artist & Educator
 I just attended the 4-day "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" workshop in Ashland Oregon with Viola  and had a tremendous life transforming experience. I know I am not just speaking for myself & probably all the people there concur that all of our hearts were deeply opened & touched as we shared much laughter & tears. The workshop is profound beyond perhaps what you can imagine & recommend to all as I assure you you will come away not wanting the workshop to end as it is so blissfulll! Thank you so much Viola for sharing this amazing work & my deepest gratitude & honor to Drunvalo Melchizedek who's work has healed me in so more ways than I can count. Thank you. love, Beloved
Viola, Thank you for lovingly & patiently teaching, preparing and equipping me, for this amazingly fun & exciting journey, that I have been waiting my whole life to take.  Thanks as well to Drunvalo, Mother Earth, Father Sky and many many more.  The experience deepens each day and the possibilities are infinite.  You are a beautiful example of what living in the heart is all about.  I look forward to creating, with all of us, from the one heart, a world of love and truth.  Rob Scheid, CA.
Viola Rose has an amazing balance as a teacher:  Personally excited by the material, yet meticulous. Relaxed, yet focused.  Casual, yet professional.  Fun, yet profound! Viola kept the integrity of Drunvalo's work, yet gave it her own, delightful style. For those of you who, like me, have been aware of Drunvalo Melkizadek's work for many years, but had never attended one of his workshops, the "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" workshop is the one you've been waiting for.   Shanti Mai, Seattle WA.
"For four days, and at least eight hours each day, Viola conducted the workshop with grace, beauty, and sensitivity. I also feel that through her devotion to the material, that I also now know Drunvalo - a person I have never met. The material is valuable beyond words. I highly recommend this workshop." John Armand Stern, Ashland, Oregon
Viola, Thank you. I can say a lot but that is really all that has to be said. Since class, even during, so much has been unfolding. I am really grateful for what you taught us, how you taught us, the love that you did it with, and for providing a beautiful and sacred space to learn and grow in. Very much love,  TJ
My experience with 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart' with Viola was beautiful.  The information that she taught is invaluable and inspired that within me that needed to be awakened.  Viola was thorough, kind and knowledgeable throughout the entire process and allowed a sacred and safe environment to open up.  I fell in love with the process and the other participants.  What an amazing group of people!  In one word to describe the workshop...Delicious.  I would recommend her workshop to everyone.  After you take it, you will understand why :)  Thank you for sharing this Remembering.  You are a true gem.  Dana Golden - massage Therapist 

My understanding of the heart (both cognitively and spiritually) definitely grew as a result of this workshop. In the past, I would have spiritual experiences but i didn't understand that they were rooted in the heart. I now feel I have both the understand and the practical methods for spiritual growth rooted in the heart. A profound THANK YOU! - Ed Pytel
Dear Viola,This class truly took me to the next level of Loving from the Awakened Heart. I am in awe of the last 4 largest and deepest Gratitude for leading me into the cave of my Heart to heal, open more and explore endless possibilities........tears of Joy for the way it all turned out.  Your a great teacher and Master!!   Meri-Ananda - Reiki Healer
This workshop has changed my life in profound ways. My spirit is light and free now to express love without fear. I now have a constant connection to all-that-is. I have truly remembered so much that was lost when I was born into this realm. I had a complete paradigm shift and now realize just how amazing we are as creators and beautiful beings. I can't begin to explain with words how this has transformed my life. I am constantly reaping new benefits everyday, one of which happens to be a constant connection and guidance from my higher-self and the universal mind. This constant connection touches all those I come into contact with throughout every day as my light shines on everyone. My joy is beyond words! I am forever grateful for Viola and her guidance and spiritual wisdom! She is clearly dedicated to our spiritual ascension through her compassionate lessons and vast knowledge. She facilitates each person's spiritual transcendence with the compassion and skills of a master educator. I can't even imagine the impact these teachings will have on the entire universe. We are so loved! Blessings! Love, Heidi Grassi
I have been on a long journey this lifetime seeking peace within my soul and in this world. This workshop  showed me the grand picture of universal creation that is the history of our existence and how powerful each of our roles are within it. This beautiful workshop opened up for me the opportunity to learn to live in the strongest frequency of love and stay there. The tools I learned really allowed me to understand the level of control we all have on our spiritual, physical & emotional choices. The peace we experience in meditation and prayer can be what we experience all the time. It’s our choice, and I’m so grateful I choose this workshop. To learn to be present in love is one of the most important tools humanity needs, and Viola does an excellent job guiding us to explore feeling this love in our hearts and learning how to create our lives and our universe together in that love. Thank you Viola Rose - Angela Valdes co owner at Tea Chai Té tea house

I truly loved this workshop. It was highly engaging as well as fascinating. I am using the new skills I learned daily and am feeling the benefits. I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience. -Carol Howe
Thank you so much Viola for holding such space for us to learn more about and explore our multi-dimensional selves into greater depths! This was definitely a life transforming workshop for me, feeling an even greater connection to Mother Earth, to our Father Sun, and to my spiritual self. Working with my MerKaBa and exploring the sacred and tiny space of the heart is definitely a journey/experience I have been enjoying since. To me that's invaluable. I am excited for the potential this could open up within my reality! :) Nicole Vanderhoff Owner of Triniti Healing
 What an amazing awakening experience we all shared. I have so much love and gratitude to Viola and to all of you for you wisdom, love and openness. May we all be gifted with many blessings as we continue our journey forward in on this amazing planet. I am so stoked to be here right now. Walk in beauty, Leor
I am so happy to have met all of you in this incarnation!  I had such a great experience, I am so happy, and I felt really AWAKE today :)"  thank you Viola for guiding us gently here, staying in the tiny place in my heart...Sheila B. 
It's difficult to put into words the depth of this experience we all shared with Viola Rose, the grace she had in her ability to share these teachings with us in an engaged and genuine way. Drunvalo has distilled the Cosmic Keys to the Universe that have escaped cultures for millennia and put them into 4 magical days of finding our way back to our heart. We stood on the shoulders of giants in this 4 day class, we had beautiful "ah-ha" moments, we made wonderful friends, we healed our hearts, and with viola's help, we changed our lives forever in this 4 day class. Boundless gratitude to Viola, Drunvalo and to my fellow classmates, I know I will be seeing you all again! :)A.B.Oregon
I'm sure the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop is different for everyone. For me it was about gathering the pieces of my self up and putting them on Viola's alter. I listened to what she said, and did what she instructed, and miracles happened. I can't say how or why, but all those pieces got put back in place, and I was able to make some sense out of the whole. It was like ten years of hard internal work done joyfully in four days. And I made many new wonderful friends too. I hope I can keep these memories. -  Joe - Portland Oregon
From the opening ceremony to the last day of the workshop our space seemed to be lit up with love and excitement, for this work is truley one of remembering. I feel extremely blessed to have had a teacher who could hold the atmosphere, get us all the information we needed, and of course embodied living from your heart.
With love and light, Jordan V.
I feel transformed, expanded and profoundly touched by the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop I took in Ashland Oregon last weekend. Thank you Drunvalo Melchizedek and thank you teacher Viola Rose! And thank you the whole group. It was a bonding experience, not only with those who attended but with humanity through them. The "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" as taught by Viola Rose's workshop is absolutely worth taking, I recommend it to all! - Eostar Kamala
 I would like to say I just took Viola's class in Portland and it was amazing. It was so amazing that I have a teacher coming in to my village to have a class here in Sayulita, Mexico. Highly recommended.  it is all about LOVE.  - Penny Larson
The work is amazing and Viola Rose's Facilitation is wonderful! Thank you so much Viola Rose for sharing this work with all of us and with the world! Beautiful~ Saffire Alchemistmuse Bouchelion  Owner/Creative Director SHAMANTRA LLC
Dearest Viola...and Drunvalo. I am in such gitty joyful and deep gratitude. and feel so blessed to have experienced this work. I am reverberating... and loving and living in my heart more than ever.  - A.B.M Ashland oregon
"The workshop was excellent. Viola  really knows how to pack in and download the important information, tools, and techniques. It's very valuable"  Lajon
Mahalo nui Viola. You were magnificent at our Big Island workshop. I feel the personal changes taking place. Blessings to you." David
Thank YOU, Viola, for answering the call to bring the workshop to the magical Big Island, Hawaii. We love You!! You walk the truth you teach and are a Beloved Teacher. You are an inspiration to us all!! - Julia

Viola Rose is a dynamic teacher with a warm interactive personality. The workshop covers a lot of ground, and introduced me to a fascinating body of information in a hands-on way. Well worth the money, changed me into a meditator for months. Doug Muilholland
I was and am still so thankful for the time you shared with myself and our community. We'll take you back any time. Bless you, your generosity and your ability to hold such loving space. Aloha, Mahalo....Big Love from Big Island
Viola, you are a treasure - thank you for your love and guidance, You are an excellent facilitator.
I can't even express how profound my experience was - more than I could ever have imagined.  My heart is full and open and I feel the connection to EVERYTHING. My experience was perfectly designed for my highest good.  It's crazy to me how it all played out.  I am compelled to continue this work. I'm still buzzing from our time together and my lessons were so profound that I'm giddy.  I am experiencing waves of deep, beautiful emotion and am so grateful for all of you. Some people may be able to find enlightenment for free - yay for them! Others, like myself, prefer to seek guidance and get the skinny from those who have studied and spent many hours and years gaining knowledge. I haven't had the time, nor have I dedicated my life to it - I love the fact that I can pay someone to show me what's what. My experience with your workshop was priceless and I wish the whole world would pony up $444 for the love and information I received. You're an EXCELLENT facilitator and it was worth every dime. My life was changed in 4 short days! Hell, I used to spend that on a weekend of partying....! Kim T.

 Wow! Wow! Wow! What an Awesome workshop! Viola Rose is such an Awesome Teacher! Thank you Viola rose! What a Fantastic class we had.........:-) Couldn't have asked for a better teacher!:-) - T.P.
One of the most powerful and moving healing sessions I have ever experienced. Truly transformative, wonderful, other worldly, filled with powerful love....... I could go on and on but there are really no words! I am so so so grateful for this opportunity.  - D.M
Viola,  I really want to thank you for a very well thought out workshop, it exceeded my greatest expectations. I  have had some wonderful insights that were  triggered by attending the workshop. 
I love being around people who are living their passion and you are certainly one of them – anyone taking your workshop will benefit if they are ready to. -Linda

This is a great course! It overflows with profound and unusual information. I loved it. - Locke McCorkle
How can I put this into words? I can't thank you enough for the opportunity God has given me to connect with ALL of you who attended the workshop, it was a thrill in the end and heart warming to be embraced by everyone with opened hearts. I'll be honest, when I first went to the workshop, I brought with me skepticism and doubt wondering if this might work for me. THANK  YOU ALL for your own individual revelations, it opened a path for me to follow so I can find a way to become more aware of these spiritual experiences. Thank you Viola, and thank all of you who attended the workshop, this for sure I will never forget and it will never fade out of my consciousness.-J.T.

Viola Rose is a fantastic example of what and how to communicate effortlessly valuable and important information....she's very excellent at conducting these workshops!!! -  Ronnie Ray Padilla
Thank you again for the incredible workshop. It was everything I hoped for and more. A life changer!! 
Love and Light, Kelly

Thank you so much for the wonderful, magical workshop, Viola!!! Life has taken off at a run since then, so much incredible magic and alignment happening Manifestations from the heart coming true with lightning speed! And it just keeps getting more and more powerfully magical, things I couldn't have conceived of just a few weeks ago now seem so easy and natural to achieve! Loving it, again, thank you so much!!!
I benefited a lot from the Illuminated Heart worshop by Viola Rose. The workshop healed me mentally, emotionally and physically. I immediately felt strength after the healing ceremony, the change in me is huge.  I moved totally from polarity consciousness into Unity Consciousness. My psychic abilities grew a lot as well. The healing was wonderful... I should say everything was done in unconditional love and joy. You will feel Viola Rose's gentle love, and the love from her will make you grow, she is a wonderful and beautiful lady. Trust me,  look at her eyes, she is a joyful and pure spirit full of love and light... blessings, Yan
Thanks again for the class. It has made a big change in my life. I now have almost no back pain now and I feel so much more rested now that I sleep through the whole night. I thank God everyday for this. thank you so much Viola.
Participating in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart retreat realigned my spirit and soul with my physical life and body. The information in this workshop was the cap stone in my evolution that allowed all my studies and life experience to coalesce harmoniously in divine perfection. The essence of spiritualizing matter. I feel aligned with a whole new system of natural laws governing my functioning. I am incredibly grateful to continue to receive the anchoring of this new set of governing principals and deep foundational restructuring. Thank You. - Aurora Grace 
Viola was a wonderful and giving teacher! I would highly recommend her to anyone. The healing portion of the class was unexpected and profound. Love. - Leah Pratt
Viola is top-rate!! Perfect, actually!
I appreciate this workshop so very much!!!
love and thanks! Asha Cheval
This workshop was beyond my greatest expectations. I have gone to many workshops and this one was one of the best ever. - Linda Williams
This was my second class. Now I realize that for years, I sometimes awaken I the Sacred Space of the Heart. I am always in this space when I receive "Downloads" first thing in the morning. Feels so good, I never wondered what it might be called. I recognized it by the "vibration" I learned in class. We really are just remembering what we already know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Lea delight
Great workshop, wonderful teacher, and the best classes anyone in the world can get. Loved the visuals, the background music, and the techniques provided. A real heart-opener. Joseph Topete
this was great time, it was better then i had anticipated. the mer ka ba is far greater then i ever expected. what a feeling. thank you with all my love, michael beeler 
This was the first time I took a class from someone other than Drunvalo. Drunvalo had already presented the sacred space/tongue-heart practice in 2 earlier workshops which I attended and I believe I attended every single of one of Drunvalo's workshops that were the composite of this since April 1994. I can say that Viola Rose is an excellent representative of Drunvalo's work and heart based example. - Lauren Pomerantz 


Thank you all who have dedicated your selfs to helping us Remember in this time here on earth. As my heart opens and my tears of joy flow, more and more I'm remembering who I am. This workshop helped me with confidence to be my self fully and to follow my synchronized excitement. I love you all. Be here now! What a time to be alive! May the little child awaken in you! Cory Aginiga
i just activated my merkaba!!! at this amazing Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop in Portland by Viola Rose .. my heart is so full of love and uplifted and inspired to be more than ive ever been and to ascend higher in my life, not to fall back into old patterns and rhythms. so i can recieve the messages, the gifts and the love on galactive heart being levels ... thank you all for being a part of this. - Arielle.