Sedona Vortex Sound-Bath Hikes

Visiting Sedona? I invite you to join me for a Sacred Vortex Sound-Healing adventure!

I will meet you at a trailhead and guide you on a hike to one of Sedona’s spiritual vortexes, where you can take photos, drink in the scenery and then lie down and bask in the soothing and healing vibrations of Handpan, Didgeridoo, flute, gong, and more. Relax into a deep state of meditative bliss and allow Sedona’s vortex energy to work with you as you savor the the combination of sacred sound and Sacred land.

Sedona’s multi-dimensional vortexes are subtle energy centers created from spiraling energy that has been found to enhance prayer, meditation, and healing. Native Americans long ago recognized the spiritual power and energy of Sedona’s vortexes, honoring this land by using it only for sacred ceremonies. The energy field of Sedona’s many vortexes reaches out about 22 miles, and since I am operating under a permit by the U.S, Forest Service to conduct guided hikes on the Coconino national Forest, I am able to guide you to some special spots for our adventure. 

I will provide details to get to the trailhead, plus a parking pass. I will also provide  yoga mats, blankets, and eye masks, in a convenient bundle, which each person will need to carry to the Sound-Bath location.

These adventures are about 2 hours and 15 minutes long, and can accommodate 1-7 people per session.

Base rate of $350 for one or two people, 

plus $50 per each additional person after two people

3 people $400

4 people $450

5 people $500

6 people $550

7 people $600